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Bongani Toros (Pack of 10)

Bongani Toros (Pack of 10)

Brand: Bongani

Origin: Mozambique

Length (Inch): 6

Ring Gauge: 59

Smoking time: Up to 90 min

Strength: Medium – full body

Format: Toro

Aroma: Cocoa, Leather, Coffee, Pepper, Cedar, Creamy

Box packing: Carton Box


Make no mistake, the Cigar is full-bodied. The Bongani Toro, 6 inches in length with a ring gauge of 58 delivers raw African power for up to 90 minutes. Each draw is smooth and perfectly dense. This Toro is savoury and best enjoyed at a measured pace each puff exposing the complexity of the blend and quality craftsmanship. It’s difficult to put this Bongani down. The Bongani Toro is a rich, spicy smoke, with pleasant hints of Chocolate. Despite its looming kick, this Bad Boy shies away from becoming bitter or unapproachable in any way. Its smooth and seductive taste makes pausing in between draws a challenge. It’s difficult to put this Bongani down.