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Vegueros Mananitas (2 Packs of 4)

Vegueros Mananitas (2 Packs of 4)

Brand: Vegueros

Origin: Cuba

Ring Gauge: 46

Length (mm): 100

Smoking time: 35 min

Strength: Medium

Format: Figurado

Aroma: Wood, coffee, leather, pepper, roasted aromas, chocolate

Box packing: Metal Box / Carton Box


The Vegueros Mañanitas are premium cigars with a very handy figurado format. What's more, they are genuine Puros from Cuba at a highly affordable price. Vegueros Mañanitas are therefore highly recommended for beginners in the world of real Havana. It has a pleasant cold smell reminiscent of grass and fruit. A peppery spiciness is felt in the smoke, refreshingly over the earthy flavor base. The draw resistance is perfect, as is the burn. The Vegueros Mañanitas are extremely pleasant to smoke, genuine Cuban cigars. Due to their high quality and the manageable smoking time, they are actually much too good for a smoke in between. Nevertheless, it should be noted here that they taste excellent with a milk coffee or latte macchiato.